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Snaps Bornholm Organic No 3 The Fig Danish Aquavit 50 cl 40%

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    Snaps Bornholm Organic #3 Figen Dansk Akvavit Distillery: Snaps Bornholm - Den Bornholmske SpritfabrikType: Dansk Akvavit / Snaps Alc. strength: 40 % 50 cl. Other: Organic - Figen - No. 3 Snaps Bornholm, is always developing their schnapps, where they also test a lot of new methods so that they can offer the best products on the market.

    Snaps Bornholm has a great passion for schnapps, which means that they are always playing and experimenting with natural, organic ingredients to get the best and finest quality of Bornholm schnapps.
    Varenr: 22227865378-1003