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Scotch Single Malt Whisky

On this page you will find a large selection of Scotch single malt whiskey - also simply called Scotch. This kind of whiskey is very special, and you can read a lot more about the different Scottish single malt whiskeys under the different brands.

Generally, Scottish whiskey is divided into three main types: Malt whiskey is made using the original method of making whiskey. Barley is processed into malt, adding water and letting it ferment, after which it is distilled in a large copper vessel. This is the same method used to make single malt whiskey. See all the many smoked whiskeys here. Single malt whiskeys are produced both in the Scottish lowland and in the Scottish highland and, like the nature in both areas, the flavors are very different. While Highland whiskeys can generally have a powerful or nutty flavor, Lowland whiskeys are otherwise mild. For this very reason, Lowland whiskeys are also known as Lowland Ladies.

Below you can find the complete overview of our Scottish single malt whiskeys. Here you can for example find brands like Island Whiskey, Islay Whiskey, Speyside Whiskey, Campbelton, and Lowland Whiskey.