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Råstoff Pure Liquorice Danish Liqueur Shot 50x2 cl 16,4%

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    Råstoff Pure Liquorice Ren Lakrids Dansk Likør Shot 50x2 cl 16,4%

    Råstoff Pure Liquorice is a luxury licorice shot based on pure raw materials. The base is made from vodka, which gives a clean and soft taste. Pure licorice powder extracted from licorice root is added, which gives an intense and rich taste of real licorice. Raastoff is for the discerning consumer who appreciates pure raw materials, high quality and a refined taste.

    It can be enjoyed slightly chilled as a shot with lime, mixed into exciting cocktails - or added to hot drinks.

    Brand: Råstoff
    Name: Pure Liquorice / Ren Lakrids
    Country: Denmark
    Type: Danish Likør Shot
    Alc. strength: 16.4 %
    50 x 2 cl.
    Varenr: 22227865479-1106-197152