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Food with alcohol content cookbook by Jan Ohrt - The book is in danish

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    Mad med promiller #2 cookbook by Jan Ohrt - The book is written in danish
    ISBN: 35210040
    112 pages

    You get a free copy of this cookbook if you purchase one of the products below:
    (They are included in the recipes and therefore you get a copy of this wonderful Cookbook).

    Patridom Elixir de Ron
    Tullamore D.E.W. Single Malt 18 år
    Glenfiddich Our Original Twelve 12 år
    Ragnarok Destilleret Økologisk Mjød
    Little Isle Isle of Fionia 
    Hutchison's Ginger Wine
    Benriach The Twelve 12 år
    Distinctive Port Dalva
    Boulard Calvados Pays d'Auge
    Renegade New Age London Gin
    The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey Liquer
    Pope Rum Co. The Original
    Canaviais Cachca
    Stoli Vodka The Original
    Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
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    Fary Lochan Sweet and Spicy Moscatel #01
    Tanqueray London Dry Gin 
    Jack Daniel's Old no. 7 Tennesse Sour Mash Whiskey
    Fary Lochan Gin Citrus
    Highland Park 12 år Viking Honour
    Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 år
    København Klassisk Gin
    Talisker 10 år Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    København Klassisk Vodka
    The Singleton 12 år Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    København Klassisk Single Malt Whisky
    Wódka Vodka
    Rum Nation Meticho Chocolate and Toffee
    Boulder Spirits Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    Ron Colón Salvadoreño Red Banana Oleo Rum
    Ron Colón Rumzcal 33/66 Salvadoreño
    Big Peat Whisky 12 år
    Søgaards London Dry Gin Organic
    Vindblæst Whisky Søgaards Distillery Limited Edition Danish Whisky
    Maclean's Nose Blended Scotch Whisky
    Tequila San José Silver
    Murray McDavid Single Malt Auchroisk Bourbon Finish
    Mezclado, Dark C
    Nordisk Brænderi Filippa Æblebrændevin
    Using spirits in your cooking is not a bad idea at all. No matter what food you prepare and what spirit you use, it will always enhance and add flavor. Everything from meat, fish, seafood, sauce, dessert, pickling and glazing can benefit from a dram or two, and even a simple pie crust can be improved with a little shot of good spirit.

    This little cookbook you're holding in your hand is meant to be a celebration of real food and good spirits. And by good spirits, we mean good spirits. Often people think that if it doesn't really taste good, you can just pour it into your food. That couldn't be more wrong. When you cook with spirits, it's rarely for the sake of the ethanol, most of it will evaporate anyway. What we're after are all the aromas and flavors. So the first and most important rule is: Only use what you like to drink in your food!

    Page 2: Maybe that's how it all started.
    Page 4: Duck breast in port wine cloud.
    Page 6: Hokkaido soup with whisky.
    Page 8: Soy baked salmon with gin.
    Page 10: Grilled burger with whisky sauce.
    Page 12: Gin & tonic cheesecake.
    Page 14: Salmon with mushrooms on whiskey sauce.
    Page 16: Whiskey injected veal tenderloin.
    Page 18: Gin marinated shank chop.
    Page 20: Smoked cod with whiskey.
    Page 22: Is it ok to put whiskey in your food?
    Page 24: Bloody Mary injected oysters.
    Page 26: Chocolate cake with berries and whiskey.
    Page 28: Crispy fried tuna with whiskey dressing.
    Page 30: Vodka penne.
    Page 32: Rum balls with rum
    Page 34: Virgin lobster with bourbon.
    Page 36: Salvadoran party banana.
    Page 38: Ceviche with king prawns.
    Page 40: When rum was born.
    Page 42: Grilled Côte du Boeuf.
    Page 44: Gin marinated chicken wings.
    Page 46: Whisky flambéed pork shank.
    Page 48: Choripan with whisky chimichurri.
    Page 50: Margarita sorbet.
    Page 52: Rib roast with apple and onion.
    Page 54: Chocolate fondant with rum.
    Page 56: Egg Benedict with apple brandy.
    Varenr: 2222786542315040023-