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A.H. Riise The Thin Blue Line Denmark West Indies spirit drink 70 cl 40%

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    A.H. Riise The Thin Blue Line Denmark West Indies spirit drink 70 cl 40%

    Distillery: A. H. Riise
    Name: The Thin Blue Line Denmark
    Age: NA
    Type: West Indies spirit drink
    Alc. strength: 40 %
    70 cl.

    The first Pharmacy at Skt. Thomas became a Cand. Pharm Albert Heinrich Riise, who by royal decree in 1838 was given the privilege of running a pharmacy in the capital of the Danish West Indies, Charlotte Amalie.

    A.H. Riise originally came from Ærø, where he was born on 11 September 1810 in Brogade no. 28 in Ærøskøbing, as the son of a merchant who was also a captain (Jens Christian Riise)

    After graduation, in Copenhagen, at the Kgl. Vajsenhus Pharmacy, Dr A.H. Riise left for the West Indies, where on 27 January 1842 he was married in Frederikssted on St. Croix to Heriette Marie Worm. In their 40th year, the 2 spouses lived a rare happy life and raised 13 children together.

    The following year in 1843, A.H. Riise St. Thomas Apotek at the address Dronningensgade no. 6 in Charlotte Amalie.

    Riise's first year as a pharmacist was financially lean, but he fought on undaunted and through hard work, and several business trips in the following years to North America, including New York, A.H. succeeded. Riise to establish important contacts with several leading trading houses, as well as to make large purchases of goods for the Pharmacy.

    Provided with a large stock of all kinds of goods, especially pharmaceutical products, St. Thomas Apotek is known on all the surrounding Caribbean islands as the place where you can find anything you might need for any household.

    Later, A.H. traveled Traveled a lot in the West Indies, and gradually visited the neighboring islands as far as Trinidad, partly for the sake of business, partly to collect natural resources.

    From these journeys, A.H. brought Riise often rare plants and herbs for St. Thomas and planted these on his return.

    Riise had a keen interest in botany and used the exotic plants and fauna of the West Indies with great skill to produce pharmaceutical, alcoholic and cosmetic products. among others the well-known Riises Bay spirit drink (A kind of scented water/Perfume) which was a strong contributor to A.H. Riise's later prosperity.

    Thus, from A.H. Riise's Apothecary traded, and mixed spirit drink, and Bitter from the West Indies, which was especially used as a medicine against stomach ailments, and other treats.

    A.H. Riise eagerly participated in everything that happened at St. Thomas, especially regarding business life. Thus he was Director of the Bank of St. Thomas and Marine Asylum and in St. Thomas Gas Co.

    Riise was also a member of the citizen's council that looked after the municipality's interests as well as chairman of the Colonial Council.

    After a long and eventful life and work in the Danish West Indies, A.H. moved Riise returned to Denmark in 1879, after handing over his business at St. Thomas to a son-in-law.
    On his return, A.H. settled Riise himself at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, where he occupied the imposing villa formerly known as "Alleenlyst" but which, after Riise's takeover, was renamed St. Thomas.

    The villa was demolished in 1900, and the site is today known as St. Thomas Plads located on Frederiksberg Allé.

    Albert Heinrich Riise died on 18 October 1882 and is laid to rest in Frederiksberg Assistants' Cemetery.

    A.H. Riise was a Knight of Dannebrog, as well as a holder of the Swedish Vasa order.

    A.H. Riise X.O. Reserve is an exquisite spirit drink from the West Indies. It is hand-blended from several different spirit drinke distillates that are up to 20 years old, and has a nice golden, slightly mahogany-like color.

    On the palate, this spirit drink is in an absolutely special class with its deep fruity and full flavor with complex nuances of Orange, Mango, Papaya and Vanillie ending with a velvety soft and delicately sweet aftertaste.

    The production of this "Super Premium" spirit drink is very limited.

    Each cask is specially selected by our "Master Distiller" and bottled simply "Single Barrel", each bottle is also marked with an individual bottle and cask number as well as bottling date.
    Varenr: 22227865378-9001