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Trois Riviéres Rum


Trois Riviéres Rum

Agricole rhum is made by distilling pure, fresh, fermented cane juice. Produced mainly in the French West Indies, Martinique and Guadeloupe, agricole rhum is a high-quality rum, well-known and appreciated for its specific aromas and flavors due to its long and established method of production.

Trois Rivières gets its name from the three rivers; Bois d'Inde, Oman and St. Pierre, which border the original estate which was first established by Nicolas Fouquet, The Superintendent of King Louis XIV in 1660. The Plantation, in the far South of Martinique, benefits from an exceptional geographic location that gives the rums their character and rich flavour. The sugar cane grows in clay soils that are rich in magnesium, whilst their roots bathe in sea water. This gives the rums their high sugar content and their remarkable, refined and diverse flavor profile.

  • Trois Rivieres Cuvee de LOcean Rhum Agricole Blanc Martinique Rom 42%.
    Item no.: 22227865449-18565
    Distillery: Trois Rivières Name: Cuvée de L'Océan Type: White Martinique Rum Alc. strength: 42 % Other: Non chill-filtered 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Trois Rivieres Rhum Blanc Agricole Martinique Rum Rum 50 cl 50% 50%.
    Item no.: 505956-498796-399
    Distillery: Trois Rivières
    Type: White Martinique Rum
    Alc. strength: 50 %
    50 cl.
    Other: Rhum Blanc Agricole
    • 1pcs.
  • Trois Rivières Rhum Vieux Production 2003 Single Cask 2004-2016 Martinique Rum 43
    Item no.: 22227865449-19660
    Each year, Trois Riviéres' cellar master selects a number of barrels that, due to their uniqueness and fantastic quality, are bottled as Single Casks. They all have their own style, but share notes such as spice and oak flavors. They mature dark and calm in the cellars of Trois Riviéres, gradually becoming excellent examples of the best aged rum from Martinique - Rhum Vieux Agricole production 2003 single cask 2004-2016. Try it before it's too late! Distillery: Trois Rivières Name: Production 2003 Single Cask Type: Rhum Agricole from Martinique Cask number/type: R50 - American oak Alc. strength: 43% Other: 70 cl
    • 1pcs.