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Rammstein Beer

  • Rammstein Kraft Bier Stout Beer
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197279934
    Rammstein Kraft Bier Stout Beer 75 cl 10%

    Rammstein Kraft Bier has been aged for 4 months in barrels previously used for Rammstein Rum Limited with Islay Whisky Cask Finish. These add delicate flavor from the rum and delicious smoke notes from Islay Whisky. A lovely and full-bodied organic Danish beer that's big enough to share. See our full range of specialty beers here.
    Brewery: Rammstein

    Name: Rammstein Kraft Bier
    Country: Denmark
    Type: Stout beer
    Alc. strength: 10%
    75 cl
    Other: Unfiltered and may contain yeast residues.
    • 1pcs.