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A. Michlers Gin


A. Michlers Gin

These gins enjoy being slowly distilled seven times and the addition of 25 unique herbs and spices, all macerated to achieve a premium distillate. All this together creates one of the most comprehensive Gins on the world market.

Among the traditional spices such as juniper, coriander, calamus, angelica root, unconventional ingredients such as grains of paradise, lavender and the flowering of our national tree – lime hearts are used. This Gin is best enjoyed over ice or in a Gin & Tonic (5 cl Albert Michler Gin, 2 oz quality tonic water).

Due to a higher proportion of juniper (when compared to other juniper Gins) these Gins get cloudy when the bottle is put in the refrigerator for cooling or freezing. This is caused by aromatic oils when distilling the juniper, which re-dissolves at temperatures below 7 °C. Three different types of Gin are available: Green, Genuine, Orange. The various herbs give each Gin its original and unmistakable aromas and colors. You may notice a hint of orange, cucumber or citrus fruits!
  • Albert Michler Orange German Small Batch Gin 44
    Item no.: 22227865378-1326

    Michler´s Orange Gin Small Batch Germany - try it with orange

    Try adding a slice of orange to this delicious Michler´s Gin. It looks festive and adds flavor to the drink. Michler's Orange Gin has a distinct scent and flavor of oranges. Due to the high content of juniper berries in this distillate, the gin will become slightly frosted if refrigerated. It is the essential oils that accumulate at temperatures below 7 degrees.See all gins from Michler´s Gin here. Distiller: Albert Michler´s Botanicals: Juniper berries etc. Country: Germany Type: Small Batch Gin Alc. strength: 44 % 70 cl: Orange Recommended Tonic Water: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Recommended Garnish: A slice of orange
    • 1pcs.