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Macleans Nose


Macleans Nose

  • Macleans Nose Blended Scotch Malt Whisky 70 cl 46%
    Item no.: 222288888087
    New whisky, from the people behind Ardnamurchan and Adelphi. A wonderful luxury blend, with west coast character.
    Ardnamurchan malt and Campeltown malt. There is both a high malt content and many sherry casks. The name comes from the fact that there is a piece of isthmus near the coast called Maclean's Nose. In addition, the legendary Whiskey Writer and blender Charles McLean has been involved in the selection and pairing of the casks.
    The label uses crushed barley paper made from a by-product of whiskey production.

    Tasting notes
    Colour: Matte Gold
    Nose: Burnt citrus peel, sea salt, campfire. Nectarine syrup, lime marmalade, hay bales, coal piles and oil shed.
    Taste: Puffed rice, homemade rice pudding and white chocolate. Bright citrus-lime pickles. Chantilly cream and Viennetta ice cream. Ferrero Rocher. Hessian. Burning heather and smoked pralines.

    Super delicious blend, good alcohol strength, very smooth...

    Distillery: Maclean's Nose
    Age: NA
    Type: Blended Scotch Malt Whisky
    Alc. strength: 46%
    Un-chill filtered
    Natural Colour
    70 cl.
    • 1pcs.