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Don Cruzado Tequila


Don Cruzado Tequila

  • Aguas Mansas Espadin Mezcal Mexico
    Item no.: 505956-498796-457-3

    Don Cruzado Tequila Silver

    Don Cruzado Tequila Silver is a full-bodied and mild tequila. It is distilled in the region of Jalisco, Mexico. The traditional ingredients and production are ensured to produce a high quality tequila. Don Cruzado Tequila Gold is made from 100 percent blue Weber agave. It presents a fresh and clean unaged tequila and is rich in smoky and earthy aromas. Distillery: Don Cruzado Name: Don Cruzado Tequila Silver Country: Mexico Type: Silver Alc. strength: 38% 70 cl. Other: 100% Blue Weber Agave
    • 1pcs.