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Arensbak Alcohol Free Wine


Arensbak Alcohol Free Wine

You can find our selection of alcohol free wine from Arensbak online here.
  • Arensbak Blanc Non-Alcoholic White Wine 75 cl 0.5%
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197280249
    Arensbak Blanc Non-Alcoholic White Wine 75 cl 0.5%

    Arensbak Blanc is a non-alcoholic wine based on kombucha. The floral notes come from jasmine tea, which has been used in the production of the wine. The taste also offers fruity notes of melon, quince and fresh citrus. This is combined with a hint of vanilla from the aging on oak shavings, which contributes to the velvety, fruity and dry mouthfeel.

    Enjoy it slightly chilled at 6-9 degrees with white asparagus with prawns and hollandaise, grilled fish and vegetables and slightly heavier dishes such as mushroom risotto.

    Producer: Arensbak
    Country: Denmark
    Type: White wine
    Total strength: max 0.5%
    75 cl
    • 1pcs.