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Jefferson Rye Whiskey

Jefferson Rye Whiskey

Jefferson's Bourbon is a collection of "Ridiculously Small Batch" straight whiskeys produced by skillfully marrying a selection of barrels of various ages. Founded over fifteen years ago by Trey Zoeller and his father Chet, a well-known bourbon historian, Jefferson's Bourbon pays homage to one of the country's most complex founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. A man widely recognized for his scientific mind and experimental nature, Thomas Jefferson has served as a source of inspiration for the ever-evolving Jefferson's brand.

There are four products that make up the Jefferson's Bourbon core-range portfolio: Jefferson's Bourbon, Jefferson's Reserve, Jefferson's Presidential Select and the latest member to join the presidential suite, Jefferson's Rye. Trey applies his expertise in blending to create unique, but consistent flavor profiles for each of his four whiskeys.

Following in the inquisitive nature of Thomas Jefferson, Trey has conducted several scientific whiskey experiments outside of the core range to push the boundaries of whiskey offerings on the market. In 2012, Trey released Jefferson's Ocean, dark and rich limited-edition bourbon that was blended in Kentucky, aged on a research vessel for four years, and rivals whiskeys several times its age. In the coming year, Jefferson's Bourbon will continue to surprise and delight consumers with innovative line extensions
  • Jefferson The Manhattan Cocktail not Whisky 34%
    Item no.: 22227865451-372
    Jefferson The Manhattan
    The finished product is comprised of six-year-old bourbon – 125 proof cut down to 82.3 – both sweet and dry vermouth, and barrel-aged, spiced cherry bitters.

    • 1pcs.