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Copenhagen Whisky

Copenhagen Whisky

The original. Copenhagen's first single malt whisky. Innovative, intense, elegant, exquisite. Thoroughly Danish from grain to glass. First Edition Single Malt Whisky was entirely fermented, distilled, and matured in Copenhagen.

Each step of traditional production is carefully redesigned to sustain our deeply personal vision. Single malt's every element is refined and intensified. Modern precision boldly supports whisky’s rich history of culture and camaraderie, of people bonding together over impassioned craft.

A meticulous distillate of local malted barley, matured in European oak seasoned with inspiration from a traditional Danish beechwood smokehouse. Uncompromising strength balances grace and power. Presented unfiltered in Holmegaard's handcrafted Klukflaske, to express its deep, natural colour.