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Strathhisla is one of the older distilleries in Scotland, being founded in 1786. Since then it has gone through a few name changes (Milltown-->Milton-->Strathisla-->Milton--> Strathisla) and about 8,000 ownership changes. One of these owners, a chap named George Pomeroy, gathered up a majority stake of the distillery in 1940 but was not really known to be a very honest businessman. By 1949, Pomeroy was in jail for not paying his taxes and this picturesque but now run-down distillery was bankrupt, clearing the way for Chivas to purchase it in 1950. Chivas quickly set about restoring Strathisla and making it an integral part of their Chivas Regal line of blends. Today, the distillery still produces the "backbone" of the Chivas blends, with most of its output being used thusly. Indeed, if you take the tour at Strathisla, you will likely learn more about Chivas Regal as the beautifully restored distillery is known as the spiritual Home of Chivas heritage

Owner:                            Region/district:                       

Chivas Brothers                 Speyside

(Pernod Ricard)

Founded:    Status:          Capacity:

1786            Active (vc)     2 400 000 litres

 Address: Seafield Avenue, Keith,

Banffshire AB55 5BS

 Tel:                 website:

01542 783044   www.maltwhiskydistilleries.com


1786 – Alexander Milne and George Taylor found the distillery under the name Milltown, but soon change it to Milton.

 1825 – MacDonald Ingram & Co. purchases the distillery.

 1830 – William Longmore acquires the distillery.

 1870 – The distillery name changes to Strathisla.

 1880 – William Longmore retires and hands operations to his son-in-law John Geddes-Brown. William Longmore & Co. is formed.

 1890 – The distillery changes name to Milton.

 1940 – Jay (George) Pomeroy acquires majority shares in William Longmore & Co. Pomeroy is jailed as a result of dubious business transactions and the distillery goes bankrupt in 1949.

 1950 – Chivas Brothers buys the run-down distillery at a compulsory auction for £71,000 and starts restoration.

 1951 – The name reverts to Strathisla.

 1965 – The number of stills is increased from two to four.

 1970 – A heavily peated whisky, Craigduff, is produced but production stops later.

201 – The Chivas Group is acquired by Pernod Ricard.

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