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Paddy Whiskey

Paddy Irish Whisky

The most well known of all the Irish whiskeys is Paddy whiskey. But less well known, is the fact that this delightful whiskey was named after a gregarious sales representative for Cork Distilleries Company, named Paddy Flaherty.

Paddy Whiskey is distilled three times from the finest quality barley and water. This ensures a whiskey, which is particularly light, well balanced and pure.

Its relatively low pot-still content and uniquely high proportion of malt whiskey, ensures Paddy is...

'One of the softest of all Ireland's whiskeys'
- Jim Murray, International Whiskey Connoisseur.
  • Paddy Old Irish Whiskey Irsk 40%
    Item no.: 22227865463-16
    Destilleri: Paddy Old Irish Whiskey
    Alder: NA
    Type: Irish Whiskey
    Alc. styrke: 40%
    70 cl.
    Andet: Perfekt til Irish Coffee
    • 1pcs.