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Rogue Farms Vodka

Rogue Farms Vodka

Rogue Farms Single Malt vodka is made from a base of 100% Risk (the grain is trademarked) malted barley grown on their own farm. It is fermented on site using their own proprietary yeast and then distilled and bottled for a completely Oregon, homegrown vodka. The barley base distinguishes it from the wider world of vodka that more commonly uses corn and wheat, implying to us a slightly sweet, beer-like cast to the vodka.

Rogue Spirits is actually an extension of one of the first microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest (Rogue Brewery) founded in 1988 by several University of Oregon fraternity brothers and a home brewer. After a great deal of success, they branched out into microdistilling. The distillery is run by John Couchot in a traditional copper still and joined Rogue in 2006. They're locally famous for trotting out different spirits to their beer drinkers, thrusting tasting glasses under the nose, and demanding, "Try this!" In this way, their informal focus groups inform their spirits production.