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Mama Vodka

Mama Vodka

Mama Vodka was established in 2005 in Copenhagen, Denmark by a Danish business developer, traveler and vodka connoisseur.

Mama Vodka was more than four years in the making. Quality is the code word during the whole process of creation – best raw ingredients, traditional production methods, high class Danish design.

Mama Vodka is made on 100% rye, clear spring water extra filtred and has gone through the distillation process five times for a clean, smooth experience. The taste is consequently more pure and mild, but also distinct.

  • Mama Vodka
    Item no.: 22227865479-7137
    Mama Vodka
    70cl / 40%
    Premium Danish Vodka

    This vodka was invented in Copenhagen, distilled 5 times with a clean an pure taste. Enjoy neat og with juice

    • 1pcs.