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Hammerhead Whisky

Hammerhead Single Malt Whiskey

HAMMERHEAD 23 years old is genuine Czech single malt whiskey made according to all Scottish traditions. At the same time, it is a staple of a bygone era - the time when the Iron Curtain split east and west. HAMMERHEAD single malt whiskey was manufactured until the fall of the wall at the Pradlo distillery in western Czechoslovakia. After all, the people at the distillery must have had a great deal of respect for Scottish single malt whiskey, as the whole production - from the paint of barley malt to the storage of new Slavonic oak barrels - might as well have been done in Scotland. The conditions of whiskey making are pretty ideal in this corner of Europe. The Bohemian water is clean and well, Czech barley is of very high quality due to the long and proud beer traditions and finally grows large lush forests with some of Europe's best oak - Slovenian oak - closest in the backyard.

The color is beautiful straw golden and the scent is strikingly summery with freshly cut grass, fresh fruit citrus, pears and grapes. Nutmeg, icing, light nuts and some leather emerge after the whiskey has opened or received a drop of water. In the taste, the summer fruit of the nose is felt first. In good order, the whiskey slowly changes character and becomes spicy, lightly tingling and pleasantly warm. Cloves, English licorice, a little leather and soft oak tannin provide a nice balance to the summery scent and taste. The aftertaste has a good length and sets the beneficiary back to the time when it was still called Czechoslovakia and only 4 years later was divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

HAMMER HEAD single malt whiskey has a good deal of Scottish Lowland and Speyside character in its aroma and taste. The whiskey is deliciously appetizing and a lovely dram on a warm summer evening. HammerHead, moreover, has taken its name from the old hammer mill of 1928 installed at the distillery.