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  • Diamond 2001/2022 Valinch & Mallet 20 years Traditional Rum 70 cl 50,7%
    Item no.: 2227865479-1106-197280322-125
    Distillery: Diamond Bottler: Valinch & Mallet Series: The Spirit of Art Vintage: Distilled: 2001 Bottled: 2022 Age: 20 years Type: Traditional Rum Cask number/type: Cask No.78 Alc. strength: 50,7 % Number of bottles: 242 bottles Un-chillfiltered Natural Colour 70 cl. Other: Single Cask - Limited Edition
    • 1pcs.
  • Guyana Diamond 2002 Single Cask 20 years old Nobilis Batch 24 Cask Strength Rum 70 cl 52,7%
    Item no.: 505956-498796-466-2

    Guyana Diamond 2002 20 years Nobilis batch 24 single cask/ cask strength

    This rum is a molasses-based rum and was distilled in July 2002 in Guyana at the French Savalle Still at DDL. It spent almost 2 years in the tropical climate of Guyana before being sent to Europe for further maturation Distillery: Diamond Bottler: Nobilis Rom Still: Savalle still(Uitvlugt) "UDS" Age: 20 years Type: Molasses-based Guyana rum Number of bottles: 196 Alc. strength: 52,7% 70 cl. Other: Single Cask / Cask Strength
    • 1pcs.
  • RomDeLuxe Wild Series Rum Unicorn Vol 2 Tasting Kit 3x70 cl
    Item no.: 22227866669-332
    RomDeLuxe Wild Series Rum Unicorn Tasting Kit vol 2 with 3x70 cl

    The Unicorn tasting kit contains three very unique rum bottlings from Guyana The kit contains 3x70 cl of There are 195 sets of these three single casks bottled. The 3 rums are all distilled at the Diamond distillery and are as follows:

    Rum #1 comes from the Enmore EHP Coffey still kettle, which is an old Kolonne kettle built in wood. It has a marque called MEE. It is distilled in February 2002 Abv on this rum is 59.8%

    Rum no 2 comes from the Savalle boiler, which is a 4 column boiler. It has a marque called SVL. It was distilled in December 2003 Abv of this rum is 59.3%

    Rum no 3 comes from the Versailles Pot Still kettle, which is the only remaining single Pot Still kettle built in wood. It has a marque called MDXC It was distilled in July 2004 Abv of this rum is 54.9%.
    • 1pcs.