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Creative Whisky Co.

Creative Whisky Company

Exclusive Malts er en serie af single malt whiskyer fra den unge komet David Stirk. David fik sin interesse for whisky i barndomshjemmet, men whisky kom først rigtigt ind under huden på ham da han som helt ung cyklede til en lang række destillerier på nogle uger som et led i et velgørenhedsarragement, hvortil hvert destilleri donerede en flaske. Siden gik det stærkt for Stirk som fik arbejde først hos Whisky Magazine, så Cadenheads og siden hos Douglas Laing. Han har også skrevet to bøger, senest en historisk om Cambeltowns destillerier igennem tiden.

Siden 2006 har han imidlertid drevet sit eget firma som bl.a. laver serien Exclusive Malts. Han har et kæmpe netværk i branchen og har derfor adgang til fade fra mange forskellige destillerier. Disse aftappes ved fadstyrke uden at koldfiltrere eller tilsætte karamel.

The Creative Whisky Co Ltd specialises in Exclusive, single cask, single malt whiskies. Why are they Exclusive? Because each and every bottling is from one cask; sometimes less than 100 bottles, sometimes as many as 600. They are always available in exclusive retailers, you won't find these whiskies in mass markets, price vs quality driven supermarkets or bargain basements. They are also enjoyed by the exclusive few - those looking for something a bit different:- a bit Creative.

Why the 'Creative Whisky Company'? Well, on those occasions when we find a cask is missing a certain zing or surprise, we use as many different oak casks (including different oak species) to produce some truly unique and truly outstanding whiskies; Exclusive Malts in Exclusive Casks Creating an Exclusive Range.

About the Creative Whisky Company

Started in 2005, The Creative Whisky Co Ltd was created to continue a passion for outstanding single malt whisky. The founder/owner (solely responsible for all cask selections), David Stirk, had spent many years drinking, selling, making, finishing, packaging, talking about and writing about malt whisky.

The previous Tastings Co-ordinator & Journalist for "Whisky Magazine", David also authored the books "The Malt Whisky Guide" and "The Distilleries of Campbeltown". He also spent time with Scotland's oldest independent bottler - nosing and selecting hundreds of casks each year, a very enjoyable time in his life.

He has travelled the world hosting tastings and masterclass and is, perhaps, infamous, more for his jokes than his whisky. His strategy is always to enjoy whisky and at the same time provide informative, yet, humerous, tastings and hopefully anyone attending will like at least one of the whiskies.

Bottling great whisky, one cask at a time

We bottle a range of great single malt whiskies aged from between five and forty years or even older. All our whiskies are single cask expressions exlusively bottled to give you a unique, personally crafted whisky experience.

David Stirk: I've spent the last 15 years researching whisky to gain the knowledge and ability to give you the best choice of single cask whisky from Scotland. Each and every bottle comes with my personal guarantee that I have nosed, tasted and approved the cask of whisky that it came from.

Exclusive Malts

Single Cask whiskies bottled at Cask Strength and usually wholly aged in one cask. The Exclusive Malts are casks as young as 8 years old and as old as 40 but carefully selected; each year less than 24 casks are chosen for this range.

Originally presented in a Saltire (Blue with White stripes) carton, these whiskies are now beautifully adorned with paintings of Birds of Prey. The birds share no connection with Scotch whisky or any preference within the company; we just liked them.

Exclusive Casks

Single Cask whiskies bottled at Cask Strength; each cask has been finished in a different kind of oak cask. We Creatively seek out some of the finest wines, Sherries, Ports, Madeira's, Oak species and the like, for creating some truly outstanding finishes. Casks from Bordeaux, Rioja, Jerez, Porto, Barolo, East & West Europe & America have been used to complement the whisky.

A normal finishing period of 3 months is our preferred time but occasionally we let the whisky mature a little longer if we feel there is more to come. Some of these whiskies have now gained cult status and have scored very highly - if scores are your kind of thing...

Exclusive Range

Single Cask whiskies bottled at various strengths; the Exclusive Range are predominantly young whiskies ranging from 8 years to 16 years. These casks are picked as easy-drinkers, although that is no admission of a lack of quality or complexity