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Belvedere Vodka Ultra Premium Vodka 300 cl 40%

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The limited edition are a celebration of our Belvedere and SPECTRE partnership – where the world of the luxury vodka meets impeccable taste and style.
Know Your Martini : 007 elevated the classic vodka cocktail as a symbol of bold style and sophistication. Experience the iconic martini in all its complexity.
Vermouth is an aromatized wine infused with botanicals to evoke the complex notes while adding a bittersweet dimension to your Belvedere martini. Wet martinis contain higher levels of vermouth, whereas dry martinis have less, and extra dry martinis, just a splash. For the right balance, specify the preferred ratio of vodka to vermouth – 3:1 makes for a fairly wet martini and 6:1, fairly dry.

James Bond's preference is famously well known. But which do you prefer? Both are well suited to prepare a perfect Belvedere martini. Shaking the cocktail invites air into the spirit, while stirring is a more gentle way to preserve the vodka's silky texture. Experiment with both techniques, and get to know your martini as well as Bond knows his.

Full-bodied and elegant, Belvedere Unfiltered is vodka at its smoothest and most distinctive. It is created from 100% "Single Estate" Dankowskie Diamond Rye, a select baker's grade grain grown on a few Polish farms. This rye possesses such a naturally creamy, intense fl avour that after being distilled 4 times, the vodka is leftUNFILTERED in order to preserve its character and taste.
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