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Abbazia Tre Fontane Beer


Abbazia Tre Fontane Beer from Italy

  • Tre Fontane Tripel Special Beer
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197278575
    Tre Fontane Tripel Special Beer 33 cl 8.5%
    Tre Fontane Tripel is a strong top-fermented 8.5% beer from the Italian Trappist monastery Abbazia Tre Fontane. This beer has a complex spicy and fruity flavor with accompanying elegant malt sweetness notes. Finally, the beer has quite a dry finish on the palate.

    Brewery: Abbazia Tre Fontane
    Name: Tre Fontane Tripel
    Country: Italy
    Type: Tripel
    Alc. strength: 8,5 %
    33 cl.
    Other: Incl.
    • 1pcs.